About Herbiseed

Herbiseed is a family business which has been growing British native wildflower plants and seeds for nearly 30 years. We grow seed crops of over 200 wildflower species at our farm in Twyford, Berkshire for use in landscaping, agri-environment schemes, Environmental Stewardship and ecological projects.


We collect seed from typical wild populations of each species, then multiply it up to commercial quantities under controlled horticultural conditions. Wildflower seed crops are grown in single species beds using high quality horticultural methods, all on our own farm in Berkshire. Thus the provenance, botanical identity, species purity and treatments applied during seed production are fully documented, and a ‘Population Certificate’ describing these characteristics can be provided if requested.


After about 6 generations in cultivation we collect fresh seed from another wild population of the species and start the process of multiplication again. This ensures that the seed which we sell is a genuine ‘wild type’ and has not been subjected to genetic drift or unconscious selection during cultivation.


‘Goring Gap’ local-origin wildflowers for Southeast England


Recently we have followed the philosophy of ‘floralocale’ in collecting seeds of wildflowers growing on the alluvial soils of the Thames valley and the chalk of the Chilterns to establish a reliable supply of local-origin wildflower seeds for Southeast England. These local-origin wildflowers are blended with a grass seed mixture harvested from a certified organic ancient meadow in the Thames valley to produce a range of local-origin seed mixtures appropriate for the various soil types of Southeast England. The same ancient meadow grass seed is used as a basis for many of our other premium wildflower mixtures. Its unique blend of wild lowland grasses is more ‘natural’ and much less aggressive than the more readily available but vigorous agricultural and amenity grass varieties which can out-compete the wildflowers in more commercial mixtures.


Our seed is harvested at peak maturity with specialist equipment. It is then processed with purpose-built machinery to remove spines, awns, dust etc. to ensure freedom from extraneous material, to control potential handling hazards and to make it compatible with seed-sowing machinery. It is stored in controlled conditions until tests show that germinability is optimal. It is packed as single species in user-friendly, re-sealable transparent packets or formulated as mixtures suitable for a particular purpose or habitat type.


Our service is strongly customer oriented and we enjoy talking to our customers. Our staff members have qualifications in botany, ecology and horticulture and long experience of vegetation establishment in ecological and landscaping projects. We pride ourselves on providing sound practical advice in an understandable and friendly manner. We can simply provide seed for your project or supervise the entire operation from ground preparation to sowing the seed.


Herbiseed is registered with Defra, our Seed Merchant Registration Number is 7238.


For any enquiry please contact info@herbiseed.com


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